What you can run off-grid / while boondocking is fairly dependent on the size of your RV and how much solar will fit on the roof.  All SolaRVs retrofit designs energize the entire rig with minimal re-wiring of OEM systems.

With abundant solar and small battery storage, you can run larger loads such as A/C during the day when the sun is shining.  With less solar and more battery storage, you can run larger loads for short periods, like a coffee pot or microwave.

The ideal solar RV strikes a balance between the two.  Some examples based on RV size:

Small (Class-B) Less than 500 watts solar, 2 kWh battery: Energize all receptacles, operate microwave, refrigerator, small kitchen appliances (including coffee pot, blender, toaster), fans, television and mobile device chargers.

Medium (Class-C) 1000 watts solar, 5 kWh battery: As above for much longer, induction cooktop, toaster oven and other larger appliances.

Large (Class-A) 2500 watts solar, 10 kWh+ battery: All of the above, A/C during a sunny day and into the evening, toaster/convection oven, and more!