Let us help you solarize your RV!  Whether a Class-A, trailer, 5th-wheel, there’s always room for solar.

We can show you how to augment your existing coach batteries to provide extra runtime with your existing inverter, or go all-out and install a small power plant capable of running your air conditioner off-grid without the generator.

The process from start to finish looks like this:

  1. SolaRVs will design a system to run what you want and if you like it, we sign a contract
  2. SolaRVs will procure equipment to be drop shipped to your location
  3. We will supply all needed wiring diagrams to make the electrical connections
  4. If you have questions, we are always available via email and FaceBook
  5. OPTIONAL If you bring your RV to wherever the Sun Powered Bus is currently at, we offer personal guidance at an attractive hourly rate

Ready to start a conversation?  Click on over to our estimate form and we’ll be in touch!